A Norwegian Tale // Part I

The plane lands. It's already dark outside and I am sitting in the middle seat so I can't distinguish much from the small window. "You can unfasten your seat belts now." Everyone starts rushing towards the exit points of the plane, myself included. I have always been eager to exit the plane as fast as... Continue Reading →

The Road to Recovery

Since I entered my early teen years I could sense that I had a slightly more sensible personality. I would get upset very easily and that sadness would sometimes persist for days or weeks. At the time I thought that’s how the years of self discovery and the road to adulthood are supposed to be... Continue Reading →


15:15 Your family waves goodbye to you from behind the security gates, they do so until they cannot see you any more. Probably another year will pass until they will see your face again and you can see the pain on their faces, but all that's left to do is smile and wave back at... Continue Reading →

A time to celebrate humanity

Christmas. The birth of Jesus. Family. Love. The smell of Christmas trees. Happiness. Joy. Traditional Christmas lunch; or dinner; or both. Presents. The feeling that everything will be fine as long as you are surrounded by the people that love you. In a few words that is how most people see Christmas day around the... Continue Reading →

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