Warning: This is a research chemical. Not for human consumption.

The walls of the club are pulsating to the hectic beat whilst people are shaking their heads frantically.

Quacey tries to make his way through the pool of people that are morphing into the atmosphere. He can feel his heartbeat in his gut; it feels almost like he’s going to vomit his heart out. He senses his brain cells exploding and forming a lake of dead matter. It is all a mixture of dead and dying neurons. In front of Quacey there’s a blonde guy banging his head to the beat; Quacey taps him on the shoulder, hoping for an answer.

“Sorry, uhhh, the bathroom, do you know where it is?” The guy stops, looks at him and smiles. No answer. He continues dancing and Quacey taps him on the shoulder again. The guy stops, looks him in the eyes and Quacey sees him all covered in flames, pointing him to the right. Quacey closes his eyes and opens them again only to see the same guy shaking his head to the beat. No sign of any flames around.

Quacey starts walking towards the pointed direction and reaches a black door with no signs on it. He pushes it open and gets inside. The light of the room leaves him blind. He can feel his heart coming out of his mouth. Vomit. All over the floor.

“That’s disgusting mate! You’re a pig! You better clean that shit yourself!” Quacey hears coming from behind him. He opens his eyes and sees a blurry figure in the light all dressed in black with long fingers pointing at him. He blinks again, trying to get his sight back in focus. He spots the man walking towards the door. He blinks again, hoping to regain his eyesight completely. He can clearly distinguish the shapes of the objects situated in the room but he can’t come up with what their uses are. He notices an oddly shaped urinal that looks like it has human teeth all around it. Quacey takes a step back, frightened.

“You mustn’t be afraid child, for the night is long and full of errors.” The urinal says to him. Quacey turns around and runs towards the exit of the club. He tries to run through the crowd but each time he takes a step he bumps into another person caught in a trance-like state. No, no, no, this cannot be happening, he thinks.

After what felt like an eternity, Quacey manages to step out of the club into the cold breeze of the night. The full Moon is shining brightly. Quacey walks towards a bench facing the river. He takes a deep breath and looks at Moon. He distinguishes a face looking back at him. The Moon seems to be grinning at him.

“Choosing is the hardest thing a human must face,” he hears a voice telling him. He looks around but there is no one to be seen. He takes another deep breath and shakes his head, feeling his spinal bones dislocating. He takes his phone out of his pocket and looks for Mara’s number, his fiancée. He spots her picture in his contacts list and presses on it. The phone rings but she doesn’t pick up. He starts walking back to the club. He doesn’t want to go back inside because the atmosphere makes him dizzy and paranoid. He decides to have a look around the proximities of the club and see if Mara is somewhere near.

The shapes of the buildings sometimes change as he walks through the alleyways. Sometimes the buildings would morph into one another and change their shapes. The images are hurting his brain. He tries to walk past them with his eyes closed, but that doesn’t seem to help either. He can feel his heart trying to escape from his chest again, making its way towards his gut. He overhears moans coming from behind a trash dumpster. He walks towards it, blinking continuously. The moans grow louder with every step he takes. He walks around the dumpster only to find his friend Seth fucking someone from the back; keeping her hands tied to the back using his belt. Her hair is covering her face. The moans grew louder and louder. Quacey closes his eyes and opens them again. He sees the woman’s face. It’s Mara and she is rocking back and forth on Seth’s cock, moaning as loud as she can. Quacey takes a step back and both of them stare deeply at him. They both have glowing red eyes and horns popping out of their foreheads.

“Baby, it’s all a game. A matter of choices!” she tells to him through the moans.

“No, no way!” he says, holding his breath.

He starts sprinting and he doesn’t stop until he reaches the bridge on the river.

The Moon is reflecting on the water. His head is pounding; he feels the mash of neurons exploding. He climbs the rail fence and takes one last look at the reflection of the Moon before jumping into the freezing water.




He didn’t know how to swim.

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