Welcome to The Tangled Maze! So who’s the person behind it? I was named Patricia after endless discussions between my parents. I grew up in the small capital of Romania, Bucharest. At the age of 18 I decided it was time to become independent and packed up five boxes full of my most precious belongings and moved to London. I have managed to finish college and began studying Journalism and Creative Writing at undergraduate level… Now here I am four years later holding a BA diploma with big hopes and dreams for the future.

So why did I decide to create this blog? Throughout my degree I have analysed countless news stories and creative pieces and I hoped that one day I would be brave enough to publish my own creative and informative pieces and share them with the world. I feel like that time has come and I hope that I will be able to come up with interesting and easily comprehensible stories for people coming from a variety of backgrounds.

What am I writing about? You might have guessed that some of my posts are going to be based around the society we live in, worldwide issues involving environmental and economics matters, security and politics and the like. At the same time, I will be posting creative prose, photography and non-fiction. To sum it up: an amalgam of what my thoughts sprout into.

Hope you will enjoy it.

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