A Walk down Memory Lane

It's Saturday night and you've got nothing to do. You are feeling restless. You wish you could take an unplanned trip with your best friend, in London. Sadly, that can't happen because she's moved back home now. What to do? Maybe a walk by the Thames would help your hazy mind. You get out of... Continue Reading →

When homesickness hits the hardest

It's the 30th of November, your mother's birthday. She's turning 46 now. She's been missing having you next to her for her special day for the last five years. It's also your name day, St. Andrew. Here, no one really gets name days; they don't celebrate them. Back home, however, they used to be a... Continue Reading →

A Trip to Hell

It was late November, my parents 25th wedding anniversary was approaching and they invited me to join them for the celebrations at the mountains, in Romania. I felt this slight discomfort on my lower back while I was on the plane but I thought I might have slept in a weird position. They planned for... Continue Reading →

The Road to Recovery

Since I entered my early teen years I could sense that I had a slightly more sensible personality. I would get upset very easily and that sadness would sometimes persist for days or weeks. At the time I thought that’s how the years of self discovery and the road to adulthood are supposed to be... Continue Reading →


15:15 Your family waves goodbye to you from behind the security gates, they do so until they cannot see you any more. Probably another year will pass until they will see your face again and you can see the pain on their faces, but all that's left to do is smile and wave back at... Continue Reading →

A time to celebrate humanity

Christmas. The birth of Jesus. Family. Love. The smell of Christmas trees. Happiness. Joy. Traditional Christmas lunch, dinner, or both. Presents. The feeling that everything will be fine as long as you are surrounded by your loved ones. In a few words that is how most people see the Christmas day around the world, but... Continue Reading →

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