A Walk down Memory Lane

It's Saturday night and you've got nothing to do. You are feeling restless. You wish you could take an unplanned trip with your best friend, in London. Sadly, that can't happen because she's moved back home now. What to do? Maybe a walk by the Thames would help your hazy mind. You get out of... Continue Reading →

A Norwegian Tale // Part III

It's 10 AM and waking up on my last day in Norway feels bleak. The sky is populated with clouds and the raindrops seem to have a race against each other. Maybe this is a sign that Norway is sad to see me going, because I am truly saddened by the fact that I have... Continue Reading →

A Norwegian Tale // Part II

The ferry stops. As soon as I get off the boat I encounter remains from the 18th century. For those of you that might not know, The Fortified town was founded in 1567 by King Frederik II and is considered the best preserved fortified town in the Nordic Region. You can encounter its charms anywhere... Continue Reading →

A Norwegian Tale // Part I

The plane lands. It's already dark outside and I am sitting in the middle seat so I can't distinguish much from the small window. "You can unfasten your seat belts now." Everyone starts rushing towards the exit points of the plane, myself included. I have always been eager to exit the plane as fast as... Continue Reading →

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